Monday, March 3, 2014

Lacrosse Season is almost here

In many areas, lacrosse has started or will be starting soon. Some areas are still affected by the recent snow, and some areas are blossoming into spring. Whether you are outside or inside, there is always a way to sharpen your lacrosse skills. One of our best, new products is the Cradlebaby. This tool has been selling out over the last year and is something every player should have.

The Cradlebaby is a white ball that attaches to the top of your lacrosse head with a lanyard. The ball never fully leaves your stick, making it a perfect tool to use safely inside a house or anywhere with enough space. The lanyard is about 16.5" long for field players and 26" for goalkeepers. This is a great tool for players to work on all types of stick work, including cradling and stick tricks. It also helps with wrist strength which plays a role with winning 50/50 balls on the ground and in the air. Retailing at $15 for the field length and $17 for the goalkeeper length, this learning tool takes away all excuses to not be working on stick work whenever possible!