Thursday, March 27, 2014

8 reasons to have your Lacrosse head custom strung

Interested in custom stringing?

Here are some great reasons to get your lacrosse head custom strung!

  1. Custom stringing can make the head game ready, with an already formed pocket and sweet spot. 
  2. We can put any center piece in any head, giving you many options for the type of pocket that is just right for you. 
  3. We use leathers, which will break in, instead of nylons. Leathers are still flexible, but substantial enough that the pocket maintains its shape. 
  4. We string the inner mesh with one continuous string that flanks the center piece, creating a nice centered channel for the ball to travel smoothly.
  5. While factory strung heads are typically strung with only white string, our custom stringing allows you to get a look that is personalized especially for you. 
  6. We use sidewall strings, which not all brands use, allowing the pocket to float and flex rather than being strung right into the sidewall. 
  7. Shooting string diameter and placement can be customized for different release points and traction. 
  8. Lastly, it’s the cheapest way to keep your stick fresh. If you like your current head and your strings are worn or you’d just like to try a new centerpiece, then you only need to get a custom restring.