Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lacrosse Update

It has been a great summer at Longstreth filled with lots of lacrosse and sun! We attended 12+ events this summer, which is the most we've done in one summer to date. It's always great coming face-to-face with our customers at these events and being able to showcase our extensive line of products.

It was also exciting to create buzz over some new, innovative products in the market - specifically, the Cradle Baby and the STX Crux and Crux 10 handles. The Cradle Baby is a great way for all players to work on their individual stickwork while never having to worry about losing the ball or breaking things around them. The STX Crux handles use Flex technology to bend the handle allowing players to increase the whip and power on their shots. Both of these products are available at www.longstreth.com. The Crux handles are limited in supply until the fall, so get them while they're available or place an order to reserve yours when they're finally released.
Check out some of the pictures from the events this summer!