Friday, January 8, 2016

Simple Tips to Improve Your Softball Hitting

Great athletes have a natural beauty and rhythm to their motion that makes everything they do seem effortless. The control they have over their game, like a good softball hitter with her softball equipment, separates them from the average athlete. Softball hitting can be broken into six distinct steps, each one of which you can practice mindfully.

Box Position

Step into the batter’s box with your feet in line, greater than shoulder width. To give yourself more time to see the ball, stay toward the back of the box; to catch the ball before it breaks down or away, move up in the box.
Flex your knees, keep your elbows in, and ready yourself for the pitch. Generally, think fastball and adjust your bat speed down for other pitches, but be open to advice from your hitting coach or manager.


Grip the bat lightly to give your hands quick muscle movement. Start with the bat on the second joints of your fingers, curling your fingers around. Keep the bat handle out of the palms of your hands. Wrap your fingers of both hands around the bat and line up your second knuckles, eight in a row. If that is uncomfortable or feels unnatural, you can rotate your grip so the third knuckles of one hand align with the second knuckles of the other (a box grip).


The largest muscle groups in your body are in your legs, so use them to power the bat around and send the ball 300 feet. Push off with your legs to connect. Your legs, though, are the sturdy foundation for movements elsewhere:
  1. back foot turning
  2. hips rotating
  3. shoulders turning into the swing
If everything is moving into and through the swing, you should end up with your body loosely and comfortably twisted, watching the ball streak away with your feet still on the ground.


Contacting the ball with the bat differs by pitch:
  • Down the middle—make contact straight out from the leading hip
  • Inside pitch—must be hit more in front of the center of the body
  • Outside pitch—contact is made from the body’s center to the back hip
Contact should be level, so you are hitting the ball as close to its center as possible, even if your intention is to drive it up or down.


Follow-through means full arm extension, then continuing your swing around. Wrists roll and the swing ends with both hands near the front shoulder, your head aligned to your back shoulder (your chin is above the shoulder).


Finding your comfort zone with hitting means practice and more practice. You are honing your swing and stance so that everything feels loose and easy as you step into the box.
Avoid over-thinking the whole choreography of hitting. By training repeatedly, you condition your muscles and gain instinctive proprioception (awareness of body position) so on game day you can step in, assume your proper stance, and swing away without consciously thinking about any of it.

Once you have matched the right softball equipment—helmet, gloves and bat—to the player, your bat becomes an extension of your body. For the finest in softball bats and player equipment, step into Longstreth, and we will help you step into the batter’s box with confidence. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Longstreth Sporting Goods Announces Ali Lowe Hired as Softball Manager

Ali Lowe's passion for fastpitch softball will strengthen the Longstreth team.

Parker Ford, PA (PRWEB) July 16, 2014

Longstreth Sporting Goods is pleased to announce that Ali Lowe has been hired as Softball Manager. Ali will lead the softball business at Longstreth. “Ali brings a tremendous passion for fastpitch softball, and is excited to provide the best products and world class customer service to young female athletes,” says John Schaefer of Longstreth. “She has played at every level, from youth leagues to travel tournaments all over the country to collegiate competitions. I am confident her experiences, knowledge and also excitement will greatly benefit our softball customers.”

Ali is a 2014 graduate of Villanova University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication. She was a four year starter at shortstop on the softball team at Villanova, and was captain her senior year. Ali was recognized on various all-academic teams during her college career, and grew up playing youth recreational and travel softball in Florida.

“I’m beyond excited to join the Longstreth team! This company is very unique in its mission to specifically support the female athlete and that is the most compelling aspect of this opportunity. Not many sporting goods companies tailor directly to women’s sports, especially softball, and that is what makes Longstreth so great. I never would have imagined landing my dream job so quickly, but I did and I couldn’t be happier!” says Ms. Lowe.

Longstreth has been supporting fastpitch softball for almost 25 years. Longstreth partners with key equipment manufacturers such as Easton, Louisville, DeMarini, Mizuno and Worth to offer a full range of softball equipment to young female athletes. From the young, beginning recreational player through to the college players, Longstreth provides a great selection of products to help players succeed on the diamond!

Longstreth Sporting Goods has been dedicated for more than 30 years to encouraging and developing women’s sports. While specializing in Field Hockey, Lacrosse, and Fastpitch Softball, Longstreth can also outfit almost any team or athlete with uniforms and footwear. Located approximately 30 miles northwest of Philadelphia, PA Longstreth supplies uniforms, equipment, footwear, and training gear for female athletes across the United States. Visit to see the full selection of products.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Longstreth Sporting Goods Announces USA Field Hockey Sponsorship

Longstreth Sporting Goods proudly announces a long-term sponsorship agreement with USA Field Hockey. Longstreth has a long history of dedication and commitment to the game of field hockey and support for young female athletes, and is one of the original corporate partners to USA Field Hockey. This partnership will benefit the development and future of field hockey within the United States.
Founded by Barbara Longstreth, a pioneer in the sport of Field Hockey, Longstreth has a mission to support and grow the sport of field hockey by providing the best gear available for athletes at all levels. Longstreth has consistently been a source for field hockey players – both beginners and elite – for equipment, uniforms, and expert advice. Longstreth’s hockey professionals, all experienced players, work closely with top international and domestic vendors to help develop equipment specifically designed for female athletes. Year after year, Longstreth offers the best of the best in sticks, bags, and goalkeeper equipment to the United States marketplace.
Longstreth looks forward to working with USA Field Hockey. “We are extremely pleased to renew our support for USA Field Hockey, and to make this long term commitment,” says Alli Lokey, Field Hockey Manager at Longstreth. “The National Team has great momentum under new coach Craig Parnham heading into the World Cup, and we are excited about the impact USA Hockey is having at the Club and grass roots levels in building the sport. This partnership will also allow us to work closely in supporting many of the national team players on an individual basis. We look forward to continuing to build the sport of field hockey.”
Longstreth currently supports many of the players on the National Team, and has sponsorship agreements with National Team players such as Paige Selenski, Katie Reinprecht, Lauren Crandall and Shannon Taylor. These players generally utilize equipment from Longstreth’s core internationally renowned hockey brands: TK Hockey of Germany, Gryphon Hockey of Australia, Slazenger Hockey of England and Ritual Hockey of Australia.
Longstreth Sporting Goods has been dedicated for more than 30 years to encouraging and developing women’s sports for young female athletes. While specializing in Field Hockey, Lacrosse, and Fastpitch Softball, Longstreth can also outfit almost any team or athlete. Located approximately 30 miles northwest of Philadelphia, PA, Longstreth supplies uniforms, equipment, footwear, and training gear for female athletes across the United States. Visit to see the full selection of products.

Monday, April 28, 2014

2014 Field Hockey Catalog Coming Soon!

Longstreth’s new 2014-2015 Field Hockey catalog is due to hit homes soon! Remember to sign up to receive your FREE catalog by clicking HERE and submitting your mailing information.  The catalog will include new stick lines from TK, Gryphon, Slazenger, Ritual and so much more! For any questions about the new equipment don’t forget to ask one of our Field Hockey Experts for information and advice.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

New 2015 Softball Bats

2015 CF7’s are on their way! We are waiting impatiently for our store to be filled with the vibrant colors of the new CF7 line up! Check out the D-Fusion handle on all models this year and keep an eye out on our website for their arrival.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Congratulations Sparta High School Softball!

Thanks for the many great responses to our Longstreth/Under Armour Softball Uniform Contest. We are pleased to announce Sparta High School from Sparta, Michigan as our 2014 winner. Their creative entry and old school uniforms pushed them into the winner’s circle. Thanks again to all the entries … you made our job very difficult choosing. Best of luck to all the teams who entered – we wish you a great 2014 Season! Spartans - We hope your new uniforms see many runs, few errors, and lots of success on the field!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

8 reasons to have your Lacrosse head custom strung

Interested in custom stringing?

Here are some great reasons to get your lacrosse head custom strung!

  1. Custom stringing can make the head game ready, with an already formed pocket and sweet spot. 
  2. We can put any center piece in any head, giving you many options for the type of pocket that is just right for you. 
  3. We use leathers, which will break in, instead of nylons. Leathers are still flexible, but substantial enough that the pocket maintains its shape. 
  4. We string the inner mesh with one continuous string that flanks the center piece, creating a nice centered channel for the ball to travel smoothly.
  5. While factory strung heads are typically strung with only white string, our custom stringing allows you to get a look that is personalized especially for you. 
  6. We use sidewall strings, which not all brands use, allowing the pocket to float and flex rather than being strung right into the sidewall. 
  7. Shooting string diameter and placement can be customized for different release points and traction. 
  8. Lastly, it’s the cheapest way to keep your stick fresh. If you like your current head and your strings are worn or you’d just like to try a new centerpiece, then you only need to get a custom restring.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Longstreth Sporting Goods Announces Allison Lokey to Manage Field Hockey

Alli Lokey’s years of dedication, passion and proven commitment to the game of field hockey make her a natural fit with Longstreth
Parker Ford, Pennsylvania March 3, 2014 -- Longstreth Sporting Goods is extremely pleased to announce that Allison Lokey has been hired as Field Hockey Manager. Alli will be a key member of the Longstreth Field Hockey Management Team. "We are very excited to have Alli join our team," says John Schaefer of Longstreth. "She has a demonstrated track record of success both as a player and a coach in the sport of field hockey. She brings great enthusiasm to her work and she is driven to succeed. I am confident she will further our commitment to support female athletes and to provide world-class customer service to our hockey customers."

"I am thrilled with the opportunity to lead the hockey group at Longstreth. I love field hockey, and I have been a long time customer of Longstreth both as a player and a coach. Longstreth has a great presence in the marketplace, and I can’t wait to continue the mission started by Barbara Longstreth to expand the sport and provide young players the best opportunities to succeed," says Ms. Lokey, who joins the Longstreth team on March 3.

Alli graduated from Temple University in 2008, and has a Masters degree from Duquesne University in Sports Leadership. She was a four-year starter, and two-time Captain (2006 and 2007) for the Temple Field Hockey team. As a midfielder, Alli was named second team Longstreth/NFHCA All American in 2007 and was the Atlantic 10 Conference Offensive Player of the Year. She was first team Longstreth/NFHCA All Region in 2006 and 2007, and was named three times to the All Atlantic 10 Conference first teams. Over her last two years, Temple had a combined 28-13 record and was regular season Atlantic 10 Champion in 2007.

Alli has coached at the collegiate and club level in field hockey. She has been an assistant coach for six years at Division III Swarthmore College under Lauren Fuchs. Additionally, Alli has coached the last six years for the XCalibur Field Hockey Club out of Pottstown, PA, primarily at the U19 level.
Longstreth Sporting Goods has been dedicated for more than 30 years to encouraging and developing women’s sports. While specializing in Field Hockey, Lacrosse, and Fastpitch Softball, Longstreth can also outfit almost any team or athlete. Located approximately 30 miles northwest of Philadelphia, PA, Longstreth supplies uniforms, equipment, footwear, and training gear for female athletes across the United States. Visit to see the full selection of products.

Kim Crater
Longstreth Sporting Goods, LLC

Monday, March 3, 2014

Lacrosse Season is almost here

In many areas, lacrosse has started or will be starting soon. Some areas are still affected by the recent snow, and some areas are blossoming into spring. Whether you are outside or inside, there is always a way to sharpen your lacrosse skills. One of our best, new products is the Cradlebaby. This tool has been selling out over the last year and is something every player should have.

The Cradlebaby is a white ball that attaches to the top of your lacrosse head with a lanyard. The ball never fully leaves your stick, making it a perfect tool to use safely inside a house or anywhere with enough space. The lanyard is about 16.5" long for field players and 26" for goalkeepers. This is a great tool for players to work on all types of stick work, including cradling and stick tricks. It also helps with wrist strength which plays a role with winning 50/50 balls on the ground and in the air. Retailing at $15 for the field length and $17 for the goalkeeper length, this learning tool takes away all excuses to not be working on stick work whenever possible! 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

2013 Longstreth / NFHCA Division I National Player of the Year

Congratulations to the 2013 Longstreth/ NFHCA Division I National Player of the Year, Marie Elena Bolles!

Press Release
The NFHCA Office is pleased to announce that Marie Elena Bolles from the University of Connecticut has been selected as the 2013 Longstreth / NFHCA Division I National Player of the Year.

Bolles notched a career high 17 goals, 14 assists, and 48 points during the 2013 season. A 2013 BIG EAST First Team and All‐Tournament Team selection, a 2013 Longstreth / NFHCA Mideast Region First Team selection, and a 2013 Longstreth / NFHCA All‐American First Team selection, Bolles led the Huskies to a 19‐4 overall record and the 2013 NCAA Division I National Championship.

Bolles was an integral part of the Connecticut program during her four years in Storrs. A three‐time
All‐BIG EAST First Team selection and the 2012 BIG EAST Offensive Player of the Year, Bolles ends her career with 129 career points on 47 career goals and 35 career assists.